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Bridging the Gap Between Generations

Tristan, our volunteer from SMU, is a dedicated young volunteer, and finds that serving with CWAS provides him with the chance to give back to society alongside like-minded volunteers. He creates a significant impact in reducing isolation among seniors through the rides he provides, engaging conversations, and meaningful interactions he shares with them.

He went through our pilot training and is also trained as a Virtual Reality Ambassador. He enjoys the opportunity to serve the seniors alongside other like-minded friendly volunteers. Tristan describes the experience as one that not only allows him to learn a skill but more importantly to be able to interact and create a difference in the lives of the seniors.

It is always a joy to have young pilots in our midst who believe in our cause and are willing to serve the seniors.
Empowering One Another

Gayl our active volunteer with CWAS since early 2021, has become an active part of our charity and a cheerful advocate for senior volunteerism. She keeps a perpetual smile on and has unbridled enthusiasm for life! She is a constant source of sunshine & energy. Gayl is really active, one who enjoys the outdoors and wants to maintain good health. And she has found her place within the mission of CWAS.

The new people, be they volunteers or seniors she meets, fills her with renewed energy. She passes on this positive vitality and optimism to the seniors she interacts with. She generously shares the many lessons, stories and memories that she gathered from both the seniors and her fellow volunteers. Also being someone who is willing to share her knowledge and useful tips to other younger volunteers. And she hopes to keep serving for as long as she is able.
Virtual Reality Trishaw Rides for Seniors in Nursing Home

In 2020, CWAS’s VR trishaw rides enabled seniors to visit places they had never visited before. This also allows the seniors who are not able to leave their nursing homes or centres to have a glimpse of how it is like to be on trishaw rides.

“[The resident] commented that these are places that he has been before (the Clarke Quay RiverSide scenery, but is unable to do so now due to mobility issues. Also, they are enjoying the ride very much, narrating where he is and what he did there before. It felt just like a real experience.”
Senior from Villa Francis Home

The need to engage seniors through new and innovative ways is particularly important now for less mobile seniors who are not able to leave their nursing homes. CWAS has the ambition of further developing the organisation’s digital services to serve more seniors and provide more engaging content for seniors to experience what they might not be able to get on a daily basis.

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