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Updated on 20 Jun 2022
Overview Questions
Cycle for Good brings together individuals, families and friends to cycle and raise awareness on the importance of empowering and engaging seniors to enhance their well-being and lead a purposeful life, while raising funds to support Cycling Without Age (CWA) Singapore.

Registration opens on 1 July 2022 and runs until 31 August 2022. The challenge period runs from 16 July 2022 until 30 September 2022 and the donation period opens on 1 July 2022 until 7 October 2022. A finisher event will be held on September 2022.

In this virtual fundraiser, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to be involved. As such, registration is free and there is no minimum distance you need to cycle - you can set your own distance!

What's more, all participants who reach the minimum donation amount of $250 will qualify for the event entitlements, such as the jersey and goodie bag.

For those who actively cycle and raise funds throughout the challenge period, we have a weekly lucky draw and checkpoint challenge. This will give participants more incentives throughout the challenge period.

The funds will go toward CWA Singapore's services and programs for seniors in the community who will benefit from improved well-being and also experience a purposeful life. Our flagship program is our trishaw services for the seniors and often piloted by volunteering seniors and we are piloting virtual services targeting seniors with some mobility challenges.

Our vision is to inspire hope and create positive impact to seniors lives and our mission is to empower and engage seniors to enhance their well-being and lead a purposeful life.

The contributions of every single individual and organisation counts. As a ground-up charity supported by the Singapore community, we are grateful for those who want to contribute their time, treasure and voice to our cause.

You can support us in reaching our goal as an individual by:
  1. Registering for Cycle for Good 2022 to cycle and raise funds
  2. Donating directly to the Cycle for Good 2022 fund
  3. Donating to support your favourite individual or team
As an organisation:
  1. Being a named sponsor on our fundraising portal through your monetary donation
  2. Forming a corporate fundraising team
  3. Making a donation in kind that could go in our weekly lucky draw
Donations are collected via our fundraising portal,
There are no categories for this event. Rather, we will base the event entitlements on the rider meeting the minimum qualifying amount raised.
An individual must raise at least $250 to qualify for the event entitlements. For a team to qualify for entitlements, they must raise $250 x the number of members on their team.
The last day for accepting donations will be on 7 October 2022 11:59PM.
If you or your team are not able to raise the minimum amount to receive entitlements, you have the option of topping up the funds raised on or before 7 October 2022 11:59PM. Otherwise, you will not qualify for the event jersey and will not be able to join the grand draw at the end of the event.
Registration is free. The first 20 registrants who raise the minimum donation amount will receive a special gift pack from CWA.
  1. Registrants will aim to raise the minimum donation amount of $250 from the time they register until 7 October 2022.
  2. Those who raise the minimum donation amount qualify for the event jersey.
  3. From 1 August 2022, we will be announcing a weekly checkpoint challenge, where participants will be asked to find a banner of our trishaw at a certain location. They should take a selfie with the banner and post this on their social media channels with a shoutout to our beneficiaries, tagging #CFG2022. Those who participate and complete the weekly checkpoint challenge will be included in the grand draw for major prizes.
  4. There will also be a lucky draw held every week from 1 August 2022. Only the top 30 individuals or teams are eligible to participate in the lucky draw.
  5. At the finishers event in October 2022, special awards will be given to the individuals or teams, as follows:

    Grand prizes
    Top fundraiser – Individual category
    Top fundraiser – Team category
    Most number of donors – Individual category
    Most number of donors – Team category

    Special awards
    Checkpoint challenge winner - to be selected among all qualifying individuals and teams who also completed the Checkpoint challenge
    MVP - most valuable participant
Please contact
No. In this case, you are free to decide on the route and distance you want to cycle. However, there will be a weekly checkpoint challenge announced each week from 16 July 2022 to 30 September 2022.
We are using the STRAVA app for this purpose. If you do not have an account on STRAVA, you will need to create an account. You can create a STRAVA account or link your existing STRAVA account by following these steps:
  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to My Activity. Under My Tracker, click Connect to STRAVA.
  3. You must authorise Cycle for Good to connect to STRAVA, and check/select View data about your private activities.
Your cycling activities within the challenge period will automatically be synced - no further action is needed. To know when your activities will be synced, check the notice beside My Records.
Finale Challenge Questions
To make sure we can track your social media posts, it is important to do these steps:
  1. Make sure your post is public. This will ensure that we are able to track your posts and also maximise your audience reach!
  2. Take a selfie with the trishaw banner and make a shoutout for the beneficiaries of that location
  3. Tag @cyclingwithoutagesingapore and #CFG2022
Our social media manager is keeping a watchful eye on both FB and IG and will be tallying your posts.
All those who visit and post about all checkpoint locations and raise a minimum of $250 will be included in the grand draw for a chance to win the Bali Vacation prize. The grand draw will be done live during our finisher event in October 2022. Details of the finisher event will be shared in succeeding updates.
Once you have completed 8 checkpoint challenges and shared this on social media, CWAS staff will inform you about your qualification via email.

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